Top 50 Alight Motion Text Animation Presets Download Link 

Top 50 Alight Motion Text Animation Presets


Top 50 Alight Motion Text Animation Presets  Alight motion remains a powerful tool for motion graphics and video editing enthusiasts. Its strong features and ease of use make it a favorite among creators. One of the most exciting features of Alight motion is its text animation presets, which can significantly enhance your video by adding dynamic and attractive text animations. As we step into May 2024, we’ve compiled a list of the top 50 alight motion text animation presets that will take your projects to new heights.

Top 50 Alight Motion Text Animation Presets Download Link 
Top 50 Alight Motion Text Animation Presets

1. Bold Reveal

Top 50 Alight Motion Text Animation Presets Download Link 

The Bold Reveal preset ensures your text stands out with a dramatic entrance. Each letter appears boldly, grabbing attention immediately.

2. Fade In

The Fade In preset is perfect for subtle introductions. Text gently fades into view, providing a smooth and elegant effect.

3. Zoom In

With the Zoom In preset, your text will dynamically zoom towards the viewer, creating a powerful visual impact. Top 50 Alight Motion Text Animation Presets Download Link

4. Typewriter

Simulate the classic typewriter effect with this preset, where each character appears sequentially, perfect for storytelling.

5. Slide In from Left

The text slides from the left, offering a clean and professional gateway that works well for presentations and title sequences.

6. Slide In from Right

Similar to slides from the left, this preset brings text from the right, adding versatility to your animation options.

7. Bounce

The bounce preset adds a playful touch as each letter bounces into place, ideal for light-hearted or fun video content.

8. Wave

Create a mesmerizing effect with wave presets, where text flows in wave-like motion, adding a unique flair to your animations.

9. Spin

The text spins into view with spin presets, providing a dynamic and eye-catching Gateway.

10. Flash

The text spins into view with spin presets, providing a dynamic and eye-catching Gateway.

11. Stretch

With stretch presets, text lengthens before snapping into place, adding a modern and sleek look.

12. Shrink

Text shrinks into view, creating a reverse zoom effect that can add a unique twist to your animations.

13. Flip Horizontal

The text flips horizontally as it appears, offering a striking and attractive entrance.

14. Flip Vertical

The Flip Vertical preset brings text into view with a vertical flip, adding dynamic movement to your animations.

15. Glitch

Add a digital, futuristic touch with glitch presets, where text appears with a glitching effect.

16. Blur In

Text starts out blurred and gradually comes into focus with the Blur In preset, creating a sense of mystery and anticipation.

17. Rotate

Text rotates into position, providing a stylish and contemporary entrance.

18. Drop Down

Text drops down from above, a classic yet effective animation for introducing titles or key points.

19. Pop

The Pop preset makes text appear with a quick popping effect, adding a burst of energy to your videos.

20. Spiral

Text spirals into place, creating a captivating and dynamic entrance.

21. Fade Up

Text fades in from the bottom with the Fade Up preset, adding a smooth and subtle introduction.

22. Fade Down

Similar to Fade Up, the Fade Down preset fades text in from the top, offering another elegant option.

23. Color Change

The Color Change preset gradually changes the text color as it appears, adding a vibrant and dynamic effect.

24. Scale Up

Text scales up from a smaller size, creating a zoom effect that draws the viewer’s attention.

25. Scale Down

Opposite to Scale Up, the Scale Down preset scales text down from a larger size, adding a shrinking effect.

26. Light Sweep

Add a touch of sophistication with the Light Sweep preset, where a light effect sweeps across the text as it appears.

27. Glow

The Glow preset makes your text appear with a glowing effect, adding a magical touch to your animations.

28. Ripple

Text appears with a ripple effect, adding fluid and organic motion to your videos.

29. Pulse

Text pulses into view, creating a rhythmic and engaging entrance.

30. Distort

The Distort preset adds a warped effect as text appears, perfect for creative and artistic projects.

31. Shatter

Text shatters into place, creating a dramatic and impactful entrance.

32. Fade In and Out

Text fades in and then out, perfect for transitional moments or emphasizing key points.

33. Bounce In

Each letter bounces into place from the top, adding energy and movement to your text.

34. Elastic

Text stretches and then snaps into place with the Elastic preset, offering a playful and dynamic effect.

35. Fold In

Text folds into view from the sides, creating a neat and professional appearance.

36. Fold Out

Opposite to Fold In, text folds out from the center, providing a creative exit animation.

37. Reveal from Bottom

Text is revealed upwards from the bottom, a sleek and modern entrance.

38. Reveal from Top

Similar to Reveal from Bottom, text is revealed downwards from the top, offering another elegant option.

39. Expand

Text expands into place, adding a growing effect that captures attention.

40. Contract

Text contracts into view, creating a shrinking entrance effect.

41. Split Horizontal

Text splits horizontally as it appears, adding a unique and dynamic motion.

42. Split Vertical

Split vertical presets split text vertically ,providing a visually interesting gateway.

43. Fly In


44. Drift

Text flows into place, adding a smooth and flowing motion to your video.

45. Stretch and Bounce

The text expands and then bounces into place, combining the two effects for a playful entrance.

46. Twirl

The text rotates into view, adding a fun and engaging effect.

47. Skew

The text is oblique as it looks, providing a modern and pointed look.

48. Staggered Reveal

Each letter appears in a staggered way, perfect for adding rhythm and sense of time.

49. Rotate and Scale

The text rotates and scales in view, combining two dynamic motions for an impressive entrance.

50. Flicker

Text flickers into place, creating a vintage or cinematic effect.The text shimmers in place, creating a vintage or cinematic effect.

Top 50 Alight Motion Text Animation Presets

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How many effects are in Alight Motion?

In Alight Motion, we offer over a hundred effects you can use in your projects. If you’re looking for instructions on how to use effects in Alight Motion, there are three ways to do this: Visit the Alight Motion Effects Guide, where you can find guides on over a hundred effects available in Alight Motion.

How to install fonts into Alight Motion?

It will already reflect and ready to use. And that’s it thanks for watching please help us reach 1000 subscribers by clicking the Subscribe button. And don’t forget to tap on the notification Bell.

How to remove watermark Alight Motion

Open the Alight Motion app and choose the video from which you want to remove the watermark. Navigate to the editing tools or settings that allow you to manipulate the dimensions and size of the video. Look for the crop or trimming option and adjust it to focus on the main content while excluding the watermark.

Which device is best for Alight Motion?

Android 6.0 or higher (7.0 or higher is recommended for best performance) Minimum 1.5 GB of RAM (more than 2 GB is recommended for best performance) Chipset/SoC: Qualcomm Snapdragon, Samsung Exynos, MediaTek, Kirin HiSilicon, Tegra, Intel Atom.3

Is Alight Motion free?

Our team put a ton of effort, expertise, and love into creating the app—and maintaining it takes a lot of resources. If you’re looking to try out the app before subscribing, you’re welcome to use the free effects and features available to all users without having to purchase a subscription

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