How To Create 3d Social Media Images

How To Create 3d Social Media Images

How To Create 3d Social Media Images – You must have seen a video of your social profile which is going viral and everyone is continuously creating videos on it. Some people are creating such videos in which their face is visible, so see, if you want to create such videos, then in this article we are going to share with you how you can create similar videos and many more. You can easily make a video, so let us know in this article today, how can you do it?

How To Create 3d Social Media Images

Now in this article we will tell you how first of all you can generate the image as if it is a 3D social profile image. If you want to generate it then how can you do that and after that we will tell you how you can put your own face in it, so today in this article we are going to tell you both these things, so what you have to do. You have to read the article carefully because everything has been explained to you in detail in this article. If you read carefully. Then you will be able to create a good video or you can watch our YouTube video. We have posted its tutorial there also.

Social Media Profile Name Capcut Template Trend

Prompt –

realistic photo of a 18 years old boy sitting on a logo chair of a social media logo “Instagram”. wearing Top model clothes. The background is
mockup of his social media profile page with a profile name “bittu ki
tech” and a profile picture. soft light reflection.

Bing Image Creator

So first of all we have given you a button to generate the image. Like we mentioned in the article, you will click on the button. You will be directed to his website. We have placed its interface in the image of this article. You look there and there is a prompt written below it. You have to copy that prompt. With the help of that you can create your image so that you can see it on the website. You have to login there. After logging in, you have to paste that prompt there. What changes need to be made there? You can change the name of the social media and you can change your name, the name of the social media will be written there as Instagram.

You will find the name in the bottom line. If you write your name there and click on generate, it gives you 15 credits. So that you can create your video, then what do you have to do? Whatever photo you like, you have to create it there. There he will make four photos at a time, so you have to see them. Whatever you like, you have to open it by clicking on it. You have to download it, you will get the download option if you click on the 3 dots there.

Reafce Your Photo

Now look here, if you have created the image, then we have to put our face in it, then you will be given another button for the face. You have to simply click on it. Now as you click on the button. Your website will open. Look there, you can select one of your face swap options. If you are asked to speak for the people, then people should do it, otherwise you should go there directly. There first you have to select the image you created. You have to insert the image in seconds. That has to be selected and after that you have to click on Faceswap. Then after that he will make your photo ready. You save it for later.

How To Use How To Create 3d Social Media Images

Now look here, if we have done both the things then we have to create the video. Here we have provided a template for that. You can create a video from the template and then upload it to your Instagram reel. If you open the link of the template, it will take you to Capcut and there you can select your photo and create a video.

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