lightroom presets night tone lightroom preset

lightroom presets night tone lightroom preset

lightroom preset
lightroom presets night tone lightroom preset
lightroom presets night tone lightroom preset

Night Tone Lightroom Presets Free

lightroom presets night tone lightroom preset In the world of photography creating the perfect night shot can be a difficult but rewarding task Night photography often requires a fine balance of exposure color correction, and noise reduction to achieve the best effect on the image Night Tone Lightroom presets are invaluable tools to help photographers create stunning night shots. These presets are designed to improve the quality of night shooting by changing the settings with just a few mouse clicks In this article, we ll look at the benefits of using Night Tone Lightroom presets, how to set them up and where you can find some of the best free presets available.

lightroom presets night tone lightroom preset

downlod Lightroom Presets Night Tone Lightroom preset

1. Consistency and Efficienc

Night tone settings for Lightroom ensure image consistency across multiple frames Using the same conversion process for a series of images allows photographers to maintain a cohesive aesthetic, which is especially useful for projects that require the addition of a cohesive frame that saves time through projects pre-defined editing controls over routine images allowing photographers to focus on capturing moments rather than wasting them after hours

2. Enhancing Details and Reducing Noise

Night shooting often suffers from noise due to high ISO settings Night Tone programs are specifically designed to solve this problem using noise reduction algorithms They also enhance the detail of shadows and highlights, ensuring that complex aspects of night scenes are preserved and highlighted

3. Correcting Colors and Adjusting Tones

City lights, moonlight and other lighting sources can create unwanted color shades in night photos Night Tone programs allow you to eliminate these color imbalances by transferring natural shades Adjust the white balance and increase the contrast to give your photos a more dynamic and visually appealing look

How to Install Lightroom Presets

Installing Lightroom presets is a straightforward process Heres a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

For Lightroom Classic

downlod Lightroom Presets Night Tone Lightroom preset

  1. Download the preset Save the preset file (xml or lrtemplate) on your computer.
  2. Open Lightroom: Launch Lightroom Classic
  3. Go to the development module: Click on the “Development” module located at the top of the screen.
  4. Import Presets: In the left pane right-click Presets and select Import. Find the downloaded preset file and click Import
  5. Apply an existing preset: The imported preset will appear in the Custom Presets section Just click on the presentation to play it in your photo.
  6. For Lightroom CC cloud version
  7. Download the preset: Save the preset file to your computer or mobile device
  8. Open Lightroom CC: Launch the Lightroom CC app.
  9. Go to the settings panel: click on the “Settings button at the bottom of the screen.
  10. Import presets: Click for three days at the top of the presets panel and select Import presets Find and select the downloaded preset file
  11. Apply a gift The gift will be added to your library Click on it to apply an adjustment to your photo

Top Free Night Tone Lightroom Presets

Finding high-quality free presets for Night Tone Lightroom can make a huge difference for photographers Here are some of the best free presets available online

1. Midnight Glow

The Midnight Glow preset enhances the luminosity of night scenes bringing out details in the shadows and reducing noise It is perfect for cityscapes and street photography

Urban Night

Urban Night preset is tailored for city landscapes, highlighting the vibrant colors of street lights and signs while maintaining a balanced exposure. It adds a dramatic flair to urban night photography

**3. Starry Night

Starry Night preset focuses on enhancing the sky and stars in your night photos It adjusts the contrast and sharpness to make the stars pop against a dark backdrop.

**4. Neon Dreams

Neon Dreams preset is ideal for photos featuring neon signs and lights. It enhances the colors of neon lights making them more vivid and eye-catching perfect for nightlife and street scenes.

**5. Nightscape

Nightscape preset is a versatile option that works well with various types of night photography It balances the exposure reduces noise, and enhances details to produce a crisp and clear night image

lightroom presets night tone lightroom preset


Night Tone Lightroom presets are indispensable tools for any photographer seeking to improve the quality of night photography These kits offer a fast and effective way to enhance nighttime images providing consistent results and saving valuable editing time Using free Night The settings such as Midnight Glow Urban Night Starry Night Neon Dreams and Nightscape photographers can turn their night shots into stunning visual masterpieces


Which is night mode?

a type of display (= a way of showing text and images) on a phone, computer screen, etc. that uses a black or dark background with lighter text: My phone’s on night mode.

What is night mode on a camera?

Night mode automatically turns on when the camera detects a low-light environment. The Night mode icon. at the top of the display turns yellow when the feature is active. Depending on how dark the scene is, your iPhone might take a Night mode photo quickly, or it might take several seconds.

Is night mode good for eyes?

Dark mode makes it easier for your eyes to adjust from your dimly lit surroundings to your phone screen. This can reduce eye strain and minimize eye fatigue. Car navigation systems and GPS devices switch to dark mode after sunset for this reason.

Where is night mode in Android?

Go to Settings > Display > Night Light. On the Night Light screen, you can set up a schedule, adjust start and end time, adjust the intensity (if Night Light is on), and turn the mode on or off. To set up a daily schedule, tap Schedule. Then choose between Turns on a custom time or Turns on from sunset to sunrise.

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