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How To Color Grade Fast Easy & Cinematic LUTS

How To Color Grade Fast Easy & Cinematic LUTS Hello friends. In today’s post, we are going to tell you about Outdoor Video Color Luts Filter – by which you can color grade your outdoor video. It will work very well on your vlog video or video suit in outdoor with LUTs filter. Because this filter is specially designed for outdoor video color grading, it has high quality color combinations. For example, in this, contrast HSL and other tools have been used for color grading of the video and it has been done in a very professional way. So if you also want to know about color editing of your blog video, then from this post you will get good information about video color grading. 

How To Color Grade Fast Easy & Cinematic LUTS

So as we were talking about LUTs, Before that know what is LUTs filter? So let us tell you that the full form of luts is – look -up table It is also called preset. Inside these LUTs are all the settings for video color grading. And it is designed according to the need. LUTs have many names 

Such as – How To Color Grade Fast Easy & Cinematic LUTS, teal orange luts, black filter, teal and red, 

How To Color Grade Fast Easy & Cinematic LUTS

All these filters are used for color grading of different types of videos. If you want to make cinematic video, then for this you can color grade with cinematic luts. In the same way, you can use color grade teal and orange or other color filters to Instagram videos. Here below, we have told you some list that which filter is perfect on which video. 

  • Teal Orange – for All type video 
  • Yellow and pink – for wedding video 
  • Colour vivid – for birthday video
  • Dark grey + blue – movie
  • How To Color Grade Fast Easy & Cinematic LUTS

Now it depends on you which filter you apply on which video. 

About this post :-

In this post we have told you how you can color grading your outdoor video with the help of LUTs filter 

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Topic cover :- 

  1. Best Luts filter To outdoor Video Colour Grade
  2. Download best Luts filter To outdoor Video Colour Grade
  3. How to use Luts filter in VN App
  4. Instruction before apply luts filter 
  5. Conclusion

1. How to colour Grade with Luts Filter best method  

Outdoor luts – How To Color Grade Fast Easy & Cinematic LUTS To do color grading of videos, you will find many applications in the Google Play Store or App Store, such as Kine Master Power Director and other editing apps, you can also do color grading of your videos in them.  But to do color grading of videos in all these applications, you need to know about editing knowledge, otherwise, you will not be able to color grading videos well.  So that is why today in this post we have told you the 

best method of color grading.  best method for video How To Color Grade Fast Easy & Cinematic LUTS color grading.  The best way to do color grading of videos is to use custom filters.  You can do the desired color grading with a custom filter.  And by using custom filters, you also save time and no effort is required to do video color grading.  

Need VN App To use custom filter.  

How To Color Grade Fast Easy & Cinematic LUTS To use custom filter, you will need vn application in android. In vn video editor app, user can easily color grading any video with the help of custom filter.  vn app is available for both android and ios, they can be easily installed in your phone and it is absolutely free.  

About vn app.  This is a video editor application, in which many features have been given to edit videos.  The full form of vn app is – VLOG NOW.  

VN application is very friendly for editing videos.  most useful of this app.  you can add custom filter preset .  Speed ​​slow fast preset.  So let’s know in this how you will color grading the video made in your outdoor.  So for this, first of all download the custom filter given in this post. 

2. Download outdoor luts filter To video colour Grade 

To download the filterHow To Color Grade Fast Easy & Cinematic LUTS , click on the download button given in the post, after which this custom filter will be downloaded to your device in zip format. To open this zip format you will need a PASSWORD which you can get by watching my video. Use (zip master app) to extract the filter. Now let us tell you the next process of grading outdoor video. 

Step To download – 

How To Color Grade Fast Easy & Cinematic LUTS The filter download will start automatically. But if you face any problem in downloading the filter, then check your mobile internet or use other browser 

3. Add Luts Filter in VN App and apply in video 

Follow the steps mentioned below to add a Custom lut to VN. But before that make sure that you have extracted the downloaded file correctly or not. In this zip format, we have given you 4, 5, filters. The way to add all these together – First of all, select all the extracted filters by long pressing and then compress and make them on zip format. Now select that g format and share it in vn app. Now type the name of the folder of your filter and click on it. In this way custom filters can also be added to vn app

4. Apply outdoor luts filter in your video

Now to apply the filter in the video, open one of your videos and below you will see the option of filter, by clicking on it you can apply your filter to the video 

Instruction before apply filter –

Friends, before applying How To Color Grade Fast Easy & Cinematic LUTS in the video, always keep these things in mind so that you can use the color accordion LUTs preset of your video well. Apply the filter only on high quality video. Color grading cannot be done on black and white color videos. Do not apply LUTs filter on already color grading video otherwise your video will not be able to be edited. 

 Use Customize option

Before applyingHow To Color Grade Fast Easy & Cinematic LUTS in the video, adjust the brightness, saturation, exposure, temperature of the video well and customize it. By doing this you will get good result of luts filter. 


Friends, we hope that with the help of this filter, you must have done the video color grading of your outdoor well. So stay connected with us to get information related to similar editing. And also read our previous post to download the filter. If you want to give any suggestion related to video editing and color grading, then comment us. For more information visit our contact page and message us. In the future we will update more presets in this presets file. Thank you . 

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